Things I'll Miss in Paris

Katherine Seel
April 25, 2017

I never thought this semester would be come to an end and I don't want it to ever end. However, I now only have four days left in this beautiful city. January seems both so long ago in terms of how much I have done this semester, but it also feels like yesterday I was at orientation and meeting everyone for the first time. In looking back at this semester there are some things in Paris that I am going to miss and would like to share with you. So here are my some things I’ll miss about Paris

Eiffel Tower 

I will forever love the Eiffel Tower, it is beautiful at any time of the day. My favorite time to see is going at sunset just before it lights up and then sitting at Trocadéro and watch it light up and sparkle for the first time that night.

Shakespeare and Company

This famous bookstore sells english books and is located right near Norte Dame. They also have a café right next door. I like to go inside every once in awhile to look at the books (plus they have a cat upstairs) and then will I go next door to get an iced latte and sit outside to read and enjoy the view. 

Jardin du Luxembourg 

This is my favorite garden in Paris. In the spring it is beautiful with all the flowers and leaves. And if it is nice out I will either go for a run around the edges of the garden or I will sit in the center near the Luxembourg Palace and read. 

The Seine

The Seine is another spot I love running along or just relaxing on a nice day. My friends and I sat below Pont Neuf a few weeks ago for dinner to enjoy the warm weather and the sunset. 

Ob la di 

I know in my brunch blog I said I did not like the chia pudding however I love the coffee here and since my friends and are always in the Marais we keep coming back here to relax for a little and enjoy some coffee.

Musse d’Orsay 

I love Musse d’Orsay mainly because the top floor is all impression art. I also recently went there to see the latest exhibition at Musse d’Orsay called Beyond the Stars, which featured amazing works of arts by artists including Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Paul Gauguin. 

The Marais 

The Marais now feels like home to me. I somehow always find myself in that area (it's probably because I love brunch so much). I not only enjoy the brunch food there but I enjoy walking around the Marais and shopping. 

Galeries Lafayette 

This department store is not only full of great clothing options, but it also has great views from the rooftop. The inside of building is pretty spectacular as well. 

Opera Garnier

Opera Garnier is a very impressive building. The grand staircase, the Chagall ceiling, and the grand foyer make me wish I lived in the late 1800s to attend the Opera in the proper fashion.  


Cosi a restaurant the serves some of the best bread I have ever had (besides the French baguettes of course). Cosi gives you warm baked flatbread with your meal and it is so good. I also love the salads served here, they have turkey and that's hard to find in Paris. 

Lily of Valley 

Lily of Valley is a small tea shop that has the cutest interior. When I walked inside I felt like I was in a little wonderland with flowers hanging from the ceiling. The tea here is really good as well I love the detox one because it is full of fruity flavors. 

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