Katherine Seel
April 19, 2017

 If I ever had to tell anyone what my perfect day would look like I think I would answer that question with a warm, sunny, spring day in Paris. 
We have been lucky to have a few very nice days in Paris and I am glad I was able to take full advantage of them. Paris is beautiful in the spring, the flowers are blooming, the trees have leaves again, and the Parisians are all sitting outside enjoying enjoying a nice cup of coffee and each other's company. The city is buzzing with happy people and pretty colors. And there is nothing better than being a part of it. 

For my perfect day I would start out by waking up at a decent hour taking the metro to île Saint Louis and begin running along the Seine. I would run as far as I can towards the Eiffel Tower. I would then finish by walking to the Eiffel Tower and sit with a bottle of water and enjoy the view for a little. After my run, I would go back and shower and either meet up with friends for lunch or go to the Jardin du Luxembourg with my lunch to read for a little. After lunch I would try to walk around Paris for a little. When I would get tired of walking around it would be time for a nice cup of coffee. Since it is spring time and I am American I love my iced coffee (something I wish the French loved) therefore I would meet up with my friends and we would go to one of our favorite places Shakespeare and Co. I would get an iced latte, my friends would get that as well or just hot coffee and then we would sit down outside the café and store and enjoy our view of the Norte Dame. After we would go buy food to take down to the seine with us and we would all sit there and eat dinner and watch the sunset on the Seine. 

What I love about spring days in Paris is being outside. Everything is so beautiful when it is in bloom and when it is warm you can enjoy your walk or time in the city. When it was winter time it was cold and rainy and not fun to sit outside. However, finally that it is starting to be warm in Paris there is nothing I would rather do than sit outside with a cup of coffee with my friends, enjoy reading the in the Luxembourg gardens or walking/running along the Seine. 


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Katherine Seel

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