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Introduction to YOUR Freiburg Vlogger!

August 29, 2018

Hallo Alles!

My name is Juan and I am excited to be one of your IES Abroad Correspondants for the Fall 2018 Freiburg Program! I am really excited to be visiting Germany for the first time and especially, Freiburg! I'll have a couple of new and exciting videos for you later on in the term, but right now, I am just gonna introduce myself!

I am a Colombian native, living in the lovely Peach State! I go to Lawrence University in Appleton, WI where I am majoring in Film Studies and German. I enjoy making short films for people, so this job as an IES Abroad Correspondant is perfect to show you my experinces in Freiburg. I hope you choose to check me out and follow me as I navigate Freiburg without the help of Google Maps! I hope you'll enjoy it, but until then, watch the video!

In the video I'll be talking a little about who I am, what caused me to consider German as a major and language, and why I chose to improve my speaking skills in Freiburg. I will also go over additional forms of media, where you can follow me and my adventures! 

More videos are to come, so I ask that you keep yourself in the loop and follow my vlog! Add me on IG and check out what I'll be seeing! I will also try to upload lots of pictures, so stay tuned!

Auf wiedersehen!

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