Things to Checkout in Freiburg!

Juan Marin
December 30, 2018

Hallo Alle!

In this blog post I wanted to give you ideas of what you can do in Freiburg. Some places you can go visit, foodie spots to eat at, and day trips that you can make to explore Germany a little better. 

I'll give some clarification to the places I visited.

Rieselfeld District:

"Eco-housing in the state‘s largest district project

The largest district project in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg covers an area of some 70 hectares, and now provides 3,700 homes for 10,500 people – built by more than 120 private builders and investors. Its positive image, comprehensive and needs-based public infrastructure and intact neighbourhood life, make Rieselfeld an attractive location for owners and tenants. The emphasis is on civic engagement and active cooperation in the district. The district borders a 250-hectare nature reserve that the people of Rieselfeld use as a local recreational area

All houses have been built as low-energy buildings. Photovoltaics and solar thermal systems harness the energy from the sun in many homes. Further renewable energy use and district heating from combined heat and power plants, a systematic water supply plan and consideration of climatic aspects, attest to the fundamentally forward-looking approach of this very new district. The urban development plan also attaches great importance to green spaces, play areas and open spaces, as well as cycle paths and pedestrianized streets."


Maria-Magdelena Church:

"Two churches, one Protestant and one Catholic, have been erected in one building on the central square of a new district of the city of Freiburg, Germany. The building is designed in fair-faced concrete both on the inside and out. The design of the multi-aisle structure makes it possible to move the limiting inner walls of both churches to the side and then use the resulting area as an ecumenical church space. The building, with an overall height of 13 metres, is partly a single-storey structure, progressing to four storeys at times. The length of the building is limited by two 40-metre long walls in a free geometrical form: the walls are slightly “folded“ at irregular intervals and are inclined inwards and outwards. In this geometry, the west wall is double-walled with a wall thickness of two metres. Together with the inclined embrasures, the thickness of the wall creates a marked light for the church area. All the walls, including the interior walls which can be moved on rails, are made from fair-faced concrete. The moveable walls are approx. eight metres high and are moved by electric motors. Each wall weighs approx. twenty-two tons. These four walls were first constructed outside the actual building. With the aid of heavy-duty armatures, they were then hoisted by crane over the outer walls and set on the rails. All the outer walls are made monolithically from lightweight aggregate concrete to avoid any necessary thermal insulating layer. The walls are approx. 40 centimetres thick to achieve the heat insulation values required."


Yepa Yepa:

Yepa Yepa is a delicious Mexican Taqueria in Freiburg, just off the Siegesdenkmal S-Bahn stop. Known for thier delicious tacos, they are considered to be a real, authentic, "110% Mexican" restaurant in Freiburg. 


St. Peter Monastery:

"The monastic community of St. Peter's was the house monastery and burial place of the Zähringen family. It was founded in Weilheim, in or before 1073, but was forced by hostile military action during the Investiture Controversy to move to Hirsau. Duke Berthold II of Zähringen (1078–1111) re-founded it as a family monastery, but decided in about 1090 to move it to the site which is now St. Peter im Schwarzwald."



"Titisee-Neustadt is a municipality in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is made up of the six communities of Neustadt, Langenordnach, Rudenberg, Titisee, Schwärzenbach and Waldau. The community of Titisee lies on the north shore of Titisee, a lake in the eastern Feldberg in the Black Forest, which ranges from 780 to 1192m above sea level. The community of Neustadt is found 5 km to the east. The town lies on a small river called the Seebach (Lake Brook) as it comes in from Feldberg-Bärental to feed Titisee, as the Gutach (Good Water) as it flows out of the lake, and east of Neustadt, where it merges with the Haslach to become a whitewater torrent, as the Wutach (Furious Water). After flowing out of the town, it passes through the well known Wutachschlucht (Wutach Gorge), and ends by emptying into the Rhine."



Freiburg has many museums to go and explore. Many of these museums are cheap to free to enter. I personally visited three museums:

  • The City History Museum (Museum für Stadtgeschichte) 
  • Uniseum
  • Zinnfigurenklause im Schwabentor (Tin Figure Cabinet Museum) 

The Swabian Gate, a medieval watchtower, is situated at the eastern edge of Freiburg´s historical city center next to the place of the last barricade. At the head of 50 winding-stairs is a museum unique in Germany: the Tin Figure Cabinet in the Swabian Gate. The museum has committed itself to the memory of the freedom movements of Southwest Germany and therefore it displays the struggles of the peasants and the burghers between 1386 and 1848. 

More than thirty tin figure-showcases (so-called “Dioramas”) on two floors illustrate the combats of former times by showing the protagonists in lifelike environments.


Feierlings Biergarten:

  • "Oldest beer garden in Freiburg's city center
  • Space for 700 guests
  • Open daily in good weather
  • Gallery with a beautiful view

From March until late autumn, you can enjoy the very special atmosphere in our beer garden in the middle of Freiburg's city center."


The City Fair

This one there isn't much to talk about. There was a fair/carnival set up at the last stop on the S-Bahn towards Messe and we went. I figure it is a sesonal type of entertainment and frankly, I have no idea if it is yearly or not.

The Black Forest:

Ok, so Freiburg is surrounded by the Black Forest, so there are many hiking trails, access points, and areas to explore other than the one shown in the video. However, our trip took place near Waldkirche a town about an half-hour to hour north of Freiburg. We hiked about four hours total to visit this small waterfall. A nice way to explore the woods, enjoy nature, and get a helluva cardio workout!

Hope you all enjoyed this video! Until next time!

Bis später,


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