Time to Explore and Time to Return

Joshua Adams
September 16, 2018

After our first week of traveling with the European Union program, I am at a loss of where to begin in this blog.  It is quite difficult to reduce this full week of new sights, thoughts, and relationships into one blog post, but I will try my best.  

At the crack of dawn on Monday morning, we piled on an ICE train to Germany’s capital.  There, we walked the streets while discussing the remnants of Berlin in the wake of the Second World War.  We looked at sights where despicable acts had been planned and carried out.  We walked back and forth over the former East and West Berlin, experiencing the previous divide firsthand.  We visited Hohenshönhausen, a former prison used by the Stasi, the GDR’s security force, to interrogate and limit the freedom of East Germany’s people.  In understanding the history, our lectures focused on Germany’s present role in the EU and the path forward.  

Before returning south, we ventured to a border country of the EU, Poland.  With the country’s current political situation, the capital, Warsaw, was a perfect location for firsthand study.  While there, we had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion hosted by the Polish Institute for International Affairs.  This government-sponsored think tank shared their insight into Poland’s perspective within the EU.  We later engaged a scholar in the field to learn more about the academic and common citizen’s understanding of the country’s situation.  

Late last night, we arrived safely back to our home away from home, Freiburg.  After experiencing other cities and cultures, it is a warm welcome to return to the comfortable confines of this beautiful city. 

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