The Journey to (and in) Freiburg

Joshua Adams
September 5, 2018

The past week has been filled with jet lag, orientations, and learning directions around this new city.  However, even amidst the transition, I have enjoyed exploring the beautiful city of Freiburg.  A quick hop on the tram, and one can go anywhere they wish.  Here is a glimpse of my experience in traveling to the region and a few glances at this marvelous town which is tucked away at the foot of the Black Forest.  Below you will see shots taken from the older portion of town (Alstadt) during the busy time known as the daily market.  Hundreds from the region and world flock to this jewel of a town for the experience.

In the days and weeks ahead, please continue to follow along to this blog.  The group of students here in Freiburg begin classes this week, and we look forward to a venture north to Berlin and Warsaw, Poland next week.  The pace is fast, but the process is a joy.  For every challenge in the language gap or difficulty understanding the intentions of another, there is a wonderful experience like a pleasant market or a friendly greeting.  

Until next time,

Joshua Adams

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Joshua Adams

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