Doing Abroad Right Part 1

Jami Weinstein
June 15, 2017

Ever heard of that song Old Macdonald had a farm? Well I can confirm Old Macdonald really does have a farm and it consists of sheep escaping over a fence and being herded back (literally through the barbed wire fence) by a sheep dog, cows mooing all night long, good company, and New Zealand stars filling up the sky. 

Photo of Old Macdonalds Farm Park by Eric Madson (taken while I was playing cards in the tent).

While being abroad I have improved my apple cutting skills, but unfortunately I did not cut this apple pictured below because it is a rock and I also don't think I have a big enough knife.

We saw Split Apple Rock during our water taxi ride to the beginning of our Abel Tasman hike. I am happy to say I could check a Great Walk off of my bucket list, however I did not do the full walk. We started at Bark Bay, camped at Anchorage campsite, and finished at Marahau. I can easily say it was one of my favorite weekends abroad thanks to these goons pictured below (taken by a fellow backpacker).

I am not so keen on last minute plans but this last minute decision to hike Edward's Hut in Arthur's Pass ended up being a very memorable weekend with new travel buddies and my first time staying in a hut.

The next weekend I got together with a big group of friends to travel to Kaikoura and conquer Mt. Fyffe, and so we did. The afternoon of, we were fighting to beat the darkness. The next morning after staying in the overheated Mt. Fyffe hut, we woke up super early to hike up to the summit and catch the sunrise. Alas, we missed the sunrise, we underestimated how much time we would need to hike up. But I forgot all about that when I confirmed how surreal New Zealand really is.

A 360 view of the extraordinary:

It is crazy that each experience can be topped by another, the adventures just never end!

Thankful to have wacky friends that may not have come to New Zealand for the same reasons as me, but have all done abroad right.

Jami Weinstein

<p>Hey there! My name is Jami Weinstein, I am from the north suburbs of Chicago and I am a junior majoring in speech language pathology at Indiana University! I am thrilled to be sharing my study abroad experience from across the world, behind my camera, in Christchurch, New Zealand. When I snap a photograph, I feel as if I have jumped into a whole new perspective of life, and to me, words can&rsquo;t explain a single moment, but a photo captures a story. Follow along on my journey as I make the moments count. Adventure awaits!</p>

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