The Colosseum and Roma Pride 2014

Hana Yoon
June 11, 2014

Saturday night, we wanted to go check out the Colosseum and we ended up missing the entrance hours so we can leave it for another day. Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed the views from the outside! Also, we ended up catching Rome’s Pride Parade as it was passing by the Colosseum and it was quite the experience!

Whether in the daytime or at night, the Colosseum is a site to see The Colosseum has certainly earned its popularity as it is terrific After working up a sweat, we grabbed some pizza. Pizza here is thin, oven-baked, and meant to be eaten by one person! The parade concluded with a mini music/dance festival on what's been nicknamed Rome's "Gay Street" yoon.rome.pride2 yoon.rome.pride1

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Hana Yoon

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