Each Day Like It's Your Last

Haley Lundeen
May 5, 2020

On my last day in Salamanca, after my roommate had left and classes were done for the week, I took one last walk through the city. You really see things differently when you realize you won't be seeing them again for a long, long, time. On this walk, I went down my usual route to my University classes. The week before, I had walked that route with my roommate like normal: making fun of the giant stuffed Stitch outside one of the several tourist shops, stopping at a café to get coffee or tea between classes, holding our breath when we passed the butcher shop, passing the guitar-player singing on the corner, and ducking into a shop or two before heading home. It was hard to believe that I was walking this way for the last time. I then decided to walk to a park I had played soccer at with some of my friends earlier in the semester. On the way, I took several detours to go down streets I had never seen before. There was still so much left of the city that I hadn't explored and wouldn't have a chance to before I had to leave. This post is dedicated to the little things that I'll miss the most, and includes a few pictures I took of the architecture and scenery I most enjoyed in Salamanca. I hope you like them!



Haley Lundeen

<p>Hi, my name is Haley and I'm super excited to be studying in Spain this semester! I've been speaking Spanish since kindergarten, but this is one of the first times I will get to test how good I really am at communicating in a different language... wish me luck! I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis and have only left the US once, so I can only imagine what new and exciting experiences I will have during my time in Salamanca.</p>

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