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Sep 21 10:07am

These Shoes WEREN'T Made for Walking

Post by Audrey Glas

Today I learned a few lessons. Don’t buy cheap shoes, dress appropriately for the weather, and always double check how far the restaurant is. Maybe you can guess what happened from these details.

Sep 20 6:00am

Finding someone to dance with/ a dance community—checked ✓

How do you make friends aboard? By dancing obviously! And how do you keep connected with your friends at home? You hold them close to your heart.

Sep 19 1:27pm

Life in London: The First Week

An ongoing pandemic, pending student visa, and a rescheduled flight later, I am finally in London!

Sep 19 12:32pm

Feeling like a sponge in the ocean? Here are some tips on how to manage your time abroad!

Post by Lucy Mayer

After spending two weeks in Granada, a completely new place I have never been, I’m confronted with a strange sense of nostalgia. The nostalgia I’m feeling can’t be about the streets, the smells, or the neighborhood, because those are all new to me.

Sep 17 8:42am

Finding Both Friends & FOMO Abroad

It’s been over two weeks since my flight hit the ground in Italy and since I hit the ground running in Milan, and I’m already shocked at how comfortable I feel here with all of the amazing people I’ve already met.

Sep 16 12:34pm

Starting from Scratch and Braving a New Language

When I first investigated studying abroad, I had two goals in mind: improving my French and homing in on my environmental science skills. While I’m not majoring or minoring in French, learning it has been a fun hobby of mine and I was ready to take it to the next level by studying abroad.