It Was Nice

Emma Desjardin
May 13, 2019

To be truthful, I originally wavered about my decision to go abroad. The uncertainty of traveling far away to stay in a foreign place with no familiar faces overwhelmed me. However, my curiosity in the opportunity and comfort in others' stories pushed me to look past my doubts. In the beginning, I stated that, "I am most excited to be pushed outside of my comfort zone. There is no way to be certain of what I will encounter but I know that it is an opportunity like no other". Study abroad fulfilled this quote. I met many experiences that were novel, unexpected, and sometimes abnormal; however, that is where I found the value. 

Nice, France was not a program anyone from my university had attended before. I found the program browsing IES Abroad and asked to attend on a limb, seeing it as an ideal fit. I have always had an affinity for the French culture but wanted somewhere different than Paris. Reaching out to an ambassador and reading blogs helped me to view myself in their shoes. Nice appeared as an option. 

There is no denying that Nice with the background of the French Riviera is breathtaking. You can explore an abundance of beautiful places while immersing yourself in a distinct culture. Without a doubt, seeing new places and making a home in Nice was my favorite part. I will always feel a connection to the city and remember the excitement of discovering amazing sites. 

The food, people, and weather were also highlights for me. I can confidently say that I never had a bad meal and began to appreciate the French's patience and enjoyment of food. I met friends within my program and other foreign students who taught me more than I ever expected. The frequent sunny weather certainly enhanced the beautiful city.

The obstacles of adjusting to a new school sometimes had downsides but gave me a different perspective. Seeing how a foreign school works made me see my home university in a new light and led me to adapt to a learning that I was not accustomed to. This challenge became worthwhile because it forced me out of the ordinary.

With that said, I am genuinely thankful I made the decision and had the opportunity to go abroad to Nice, France. I am confident that everyone can gain value from going abroad and encourage anyone considering to learn as much as they can. I hope I can visit Nice again one day and will always remember it as a home.

Emma Desjardin

<p>My name is Emma Desjardin and I'm traveling to Nice, France, but my French last name is spelled wrong. Desjardins translates to "of the gardens" but somewhere in the past I lost the "s" and my green thumb. I love language and am excited to write about my experiences. I hope that in my adventures abroad I can find myself and learn a little bit about where that "s'" went.</p>

2019 Spring
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