25 Goals for 25 Days Remaining

Emma Desjardin
April 5, 2019

As I near the end of my study abroad experience, I can use three words to describe my feeings. Firstly, I feel grateful. My experience is not over yet, but being close to leaving allows me to reflect on the great opportunities I have had. The second word is overwhelmed. I realize that the finals schedule is approaching, that there are still places I want to explore, and that my life will transition again soon. Lastly, my emotions are bittersweet, as I understand I have around three more weeks of opportunity to cherish Nice and the same countdown until I go home. Each place lies in the middle; I am excited to go home, but sad to leave the beautiful town that I lived in for four months. 

In order to make the most of my time left in Nice, I decided to create a list of goals for activities I have not done or want to do again. Even if I do not reach all twenty-five, I hope my list shows some insight into the charm of Nice. 

  1. Watch another sunset at the Plage des Ponchettes

  2. Send a postcard from Nice to someone back home

  3. Visit the Saint-Nicolas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

  4. Buy the French Riveria Pass and visit all the museums

  5. Wander around Nice to take photos

  6. Stroll the Cours Saleya and Liberation markets

  7. Participate in a French cheese tasting

  8. See the colorful boats by the port

  9. Hike Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

  10. Speak only French for the day

  11. Get a cup of Fennochio Ice Cream

  12. Shop for a French Riveria fashion essential

  13. Take one last day trip
  14. Dine on Niçoise cuisine

  15. Run along the Promenade

  16. Climb Mont Boron

  17. See the French Riveria from a boat

  18. Buy and read a French book

  19. Spend a day without my phone

  20. Eat one more crêpe

  21. Peek into the famous hotel Negresco

  22. Enjoy petit-déjeuner in a favorite café

  23. Hop on a bus/tram to anywhere

  24. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea

  25. Fill my suitcase with souvenirs


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Emma Desjardin

<p>My name is Emma Desjardin and I'm traveling to Nice, France, but my French last name is spelled wrong. Desjardins translates to "of the gardens" but somewhere in the past I lost the "s" and my green thumb. I love language and am excited to write about my experiences. I hope that in my adventures abroad I can find myself and learn a little bit about where that "s'" went.</p>

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