Shanghai at a Glance

Elena Angst
February 16, 2019
The Shanghai Skyline during the Golden Hour

This is my perspective of Shanghai from within the first week of me being here! I have already seen and done so much. I could go home right now and be satisfied with my experience. But, lucky me, I still have four more months! I came to China knowing zero mandarin and now after taking an intensive chinese course can get by with my language skills. I will not die of starvation, for I can order food and I will not get lost because I can now also ask directions (I just recently learned that skill, turns out it is super usefull! Who knew?) I still have one more week of the intensive course and hope to continue learning the language once the class finishes. However, I do struggle with understanding what everyone is saying. Luckily most people use a lot of very animated hand gestures so I can make it up to the next corner and then ask a new person which way to go. All my adventuring and getting lost has not been for naught. They have brought me a new perspective on life and the people here. Please enjoy the beautiful views of Shanghai as seen through my camera lens.

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Elena Angst

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