Daily abroad life - Shanghai

Elena Angst
April 26, 2019
Shanghai city skyline

Hey all! Sadly, I am leaving Shanghai very soon, and I couldn't be more sad to be leaving this fun and easily loveable city! Studying abroad, you experience some amazing adventures and visit some crazy beautiful places. Everyday life abroad is not always some wild adventure, but you learn to appreciate the little things and take every moment as a little baby adventure and experience in itself. You don't have to travel far and wide to experience these moments, they are a mindset. This collection of photos is my experience of everyday life and my appreciation for the little beauties, encounters, and moments of my study abroad experience. I have taken photos of my school and all its beauty, and Shanghai itself in passing moments, from iconic city scape scenery to the daily life of people and buildings I passed on the street. I tried to capture all the small scenes behind the words "study abroad" that most people do not understand until they've done it. Also, let's just put a little preface here and say that I love Shanghai, so might be just slightly biased on my views of the beauty of this city. But either way, please enjoy my photos! :)

These are pictures of Shanghai Jiao Tong University!!


These are the Shanghai metro

Everyday sights



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