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Nov 25 5:24pm

The Feria

Post by Roxane Bolon

You wake up at noon on a Saturday. The late night shawarma, which you ate at 5 a.m. as the birds began chirping, is churning in your stomach and your covers are on the floor. It’s beautiful outside and you want to make the most of the day.

Nov 25 2:01pm

Finding Small Spaces in a Big City

Post by Roxane Bolon

If you’re from a small town like me, where you’re usually surrounded by short buildings or trees, living in a city can be really overwhelming.

Nov 24 2:19pm

Don't Forget to Ask for the Check

Post by Isabel Rameker

I’m the slowest eater in my family, meaning that I’m nearly always the last one left at the dinner table, the one who doesn’t get seconds, and the one taking last bites as the waiter comes around with the check.

Nov 23 8:40am

Summer Camp Friends

Post by Isabel Pineo

A good friend makes all the difference, but finding one isn’t always easy. Luckily, there’s a proven way to form deep connections in a short amount of time and I’m writing to report that it really works. Want to know what it is? Read more here.

Nov 23 8:15am

Travelling While Abroad

Post by Isabel Pineo

This is a post all about travelling while abroad – what it entails and the ways we can make our dreams of adventure a reality. Here I’ve laid out advice from three students: one who decided travel wasn’t for them, one who visits a new destination every weekend, and myself, occupying a place somewhere in between.

Nov 23 6:48am

A Broke Girl's Guide to Paris


My time abroad is quickly running out, and so is my cash.