Nature In and Around The City of Shanghai

Elena Angst
March 15, 2019

Hey all! So, I've been traveling around a bit, as you may know if you follow my blog, and have come across some beautiful scenery here in China. Most of my other posts are more informational, but I want this one to purely be for showing everyone what a gorgeous country China. Most of these pictures were taken either in Shanghai (or the surrounding area), or Chengdu (and the surrounding area). In full disclosure, I spent my week-long Chinese New Year holiday in Chengdu, leaving me with a lot of time to explore the area, so I have to say the majority of these pictures were taken in and around the Chengdu area. I will label at the top of each picture the name of the photograph and where it was taken, but whereas I usually put a little blurb at the bottom of the picture to say a little more I will not be doing. I really just want you all to enjoy the scenery, without my voice poking into your head :). So please enjoy, and I hope you are as amazed at this country's beauty as I am.


Just a Little Waterfall - Mount Emei (a quick trainride away from Chengdu)

A Little Water Never Hurts


Tree-Covered Roads - Leshan (a neighboring city to Chengdu)


Smell the Flowers - Chengdu

Pretty Yellow Tulips


Mountain Views - Mount Qingcheng (outside of Chengdu)


Mountainous Stairway - Mount Qingcheng 


Stone Guardian - Mount Emei


Temple Views - Mount Qingcheng


Mountain Temple Views - Mount Qingcheng 


Pavilion by the Pond - Chengdu 


Blossom Bridge - Shanghai


The Tallest Trees - Mount Qingcheng


ZigZag Staircase - Mount Qingcheng


Plants with Views - Mount Emei 


Mountain Lake Ferry Boat - Mount Qingcheng


Waterfall - Mount Emei 

River Peaks - Leshan

Watchers of the Mountain - Mount Qingcheng

Thank you for reading!

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