Leaving for Shanghai

Elena Angst
January 16, 2019
Enjoying a day in the city

So, I am leaving for Shanghai, China in two days. I have not started packing yet but have laid out all my clothes and belongings that I wish to bring with me. I cannot wait to leave! I grew up in a small town outside of San Francisco and currently go to school at Texas Christian University. It will be interesting to see the difference between California, Texas and Shanghai and compare the different lifestyles of each place. Both California and Texas are very different from one another, it will be intriguing to see how Shanghai, China fits into the mix of the different places I have lived in my life. Going from California to Texas was a big difference and it helped me to adjust by staying in contact with my friends and family from home and making new ones in Texas. It was also helpful to stay busy and continue to have activities planned so that way I would not be as homesick. I’m hoping to use my past experiences to benefit me on how to better adjust to this new change in my life. I also am a huge foodie so I cannot wait to try all the new food and share with all of you my new experiences with them, whether it be good or bad. I have already researched the “must eat” foods in Shanghai and am ready to taste them all. Every website I have looked on has said that the street food / vendors are where you will find the best food and treats. I will have updates to come on whether or not I believe that to be true after I try it! I am the only student from my university departing on this trip and to say that I am excited to start this new adventure in my life is an understatement! However, I am a little nervous to go to a new country and not know anyone, but I have high hopes that I will meet some amazing people in Shanghai. I expect that there will be some fun people going along with me on this trip and hope to find at least one adventure buddy so we can explore more of China together. I welcome you to follow along on my journey through China! I will be showing life in Shanghai from a Californian’s photographic lens and hope you enjoy my future posts. Here are a few pictures about my current life.


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