Exploring Beijing - China

Elena Angst
April 6, 2019

A few weeks ago I briefly traveled to Beijing, China. I was only there for two days and spent one of those days at the Great Wall and the other day within the city, viewing just a few of the many historical structures they have. I was able to see Tiananmen square, a 109-acre large square! And then I visited the Forbidden City, an enormous palace for the emperor. It was incredible to see, however the crowds were so thick and pushy within the walls of the Forbidden City that it made it a little uncomfortable and irritating at times to get from place to place. But the palace itself was stunning. After that I went to see the Summer Palace, which has vast gardens and a lake in the center that at one point was used to train the Chinese navy! The next day I went to walk along the Great Wall of China. Pictures cannot do it justice, and the size and expanse of it are unbelievable. Standing at the top of one of the peaks on the Wall you can see in the distance along the ridge lines of the mountains just how far it stretches! I've always known that the Great Wall was enormous, but seeing it stretch on further than my eyes could see really just hit home and was so impressive. I'm sad I did not have more time to see more of Beijing and all it has to offer, it seems like I'll just have to visit again! 


Tiananmen Square

Marble Boat in the Summer Palace Lake

Traditional Wear

Crowds within the Forbidden City



Appreciation for the school that made it all possible

One of the 9 children of the Dragon 


Top of the Great Wall



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