The Colors Of China

Elena Angst
February 21, 2019
The Giant Panda

I have been exploring this country and find it to be so beautiful and full of color. I want to see more and share what I have experienced with you all. I have been living in Shanghai and recently traveled to Chengdu, in Sichuan province (I will be having another post all about Chengdu soon), and I have officially fallen in love with this country. The people are so friendly and want to give help in any way they can. But my favorite part has been seeing the everyday views and all the different colors of the places I go.

Yellow Feelz - taken in Chengdu

Yellow Tulips

Walking around People's Park in Chengdu is an amazing sight not just for all the people watching (which I must say is a favorite of mine) and cool history, but for the gardens. These beautiful flowers were blooming in the middle of winter—January, to be exact. And among the leafless trees of winter and the grey sidewalks these lovely tulips stood out to just about every passerby. 

Got The Blues - taken on Qingchengshan

Blue Temple

This picture was taken during a hike up a mountain called Qingcheng. Along the trails on the mountain are countless temples all of similar Taoist style. The Taosit architecture uses a lot of color on the insides of their temples with intricate designs. This temple was about midway up the mountain and had a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains and valley below, but nothing compared to the vibrant colors inside the temple.

Music To My Eyes - taken in Chengdu

Musical Umbrellas

I was walking the Wide and Narrow Alley in Chengdu, a couple famous, old architecture pedestrian streets when I came across this. Many of the shops along the wide and narrow alley have people yelling, playing instruments, perfecting their crafts, or beautiful artwork just inside their doors to lure the customers in. This woman was beautifully plucking away at the strings which could be heard long before reaching this shop. At the storefront there was a crowd gathered just listening to her play and milling about the shop.

The Black And White - taken in the Chengdu Panda research base

Peaking Panda

One of the major tourist attractions of China is the Chengdu Panda Research Base. The research base hosts the largest number of Giant Pandas compared to any other facility. You can see baby pandas, adolescent pandas, and adult pandas. Any age of panda you want. This is a picture of a curious little young adult panda peaking around a tree at me and all the other onlookers gathered around his exhibit. Shortly after this was taken he tried to scale that tree, failed, and with all dignity intact plopped down on his rump to continue his unending bamboo munching.

Pretty N' Pink - taken in Shanghai Plum Garden

Plum Blossoms

Late bloomers... or I suppose better put would be, early bloomers? I'm not sure. What do you call it when these gorgeous plum blossoms are blooming in the middle of winter? At the Shanghai Plum Garden these lovely blossoms can be found blooming at all times during the year. Maybe not all the trees will be in bloom, as in my experience, but you can still find plenty of trees filled with these budding flowers. I do hope to return in the spring and bring you all even more pictures of trees in full bloom.

Temple Guardian - taken on Emeishan

Temple Elephant

Mr. Temple Guardian, Elephant Sir. Could you please just let me pass? I just want to see the temple.

Boat Gardens - taken in Chongqing City

Plants on The Water

Walking along the crowded riverbank of Chongqing (with a population size of over 30 million), these boats were sitting along the water with little gardens growing in them. They seemed so serene compared to the bustling city streets above them.

Candle Me Mine - taken on Qingchengshan

Lighting Candles

After hiking 13 miles up Qingchengshan my friend and I came to the upper-most temple, and while that was gorgeous and perched atop the mountains with a stunning view of the surrounding mountains, it was the people and all the little things that attracted my attention most. Some tourists hiked all 13 miles through the mountain range to come worship at this magnificent temple. Now, I didn't hike back down the mountain, but we did have the option to, and plenty of devoted worshipers were opting for that route.

Just Keep Munching - taken in the Chengdu Panda research center

Pandas Be Eatin'

In almost every picture I have taken of these furry little beasts they are eating. This picture was taken at the Chengdu Panda Research Center where they hold a number of pandas in order to up their population numbers and hopefully restore them. Among all the pandas they also have museums about pandas, their ancestory, and fun facts. I learned that a panda eats nearly 16 kg (36 lbs) of bamboo A DAY! But the even more interesting thing is the reason they eat so much. It is commonly thought that they eat this much because bamboo is not very nutritional (which is true and does contribute), but mostly it is becuase pandas can hardly digest bamboo. They only digest about 17% of the bamboo. Pandas are from a long line of carnivorous animals and as far as researchs can tell are carnivors. And so, in order to really get their fill they need to continually be eat. They spend about 14 hours a day eating!

Boats By The River - taken in Chengdu

River Boats

This colorful array of boats was found accidentally after getting lost in Peoples Square/Garden in Chengdu. They were sitting outside an enormous outdoor tea shop that was packed with tables and people and added just a splash of color to the cloudy day.

Temple Bamboo - taken outside Wuhou Temple, Chengdu

Bamboo Shoots

Temples and bamboo...two things that seem to be plentiful in China even among the metropolitan cities like Shanghai and Chengdu. They make for a striking pair.

Paint It Red - taken on Qingchengshan

Paint it Red

Qingchengshan was one of the best experiences I have had in China so far. I don't know if it was because I love the outdoors and this was my first real break from the big cities so you could say it was a breath of fresh air, or if it truly was as stunning as I think. But, this place made me feel alive. It was quite the hike to get to all the different temples along the mountain range but well worth it.

Candles on Candles on Candles - taken on Qingchengshan

Melt Away

Yet another Qingchengshan picture. Yes, I know, I think I have an obsession with this place, it's okay. These candles were just blowing in the light breeze coming throught the temple and there were so many that it looked like a beautiful dance being preformed along the top of a bright yellow and pink dance floor.

Temple Colors - taken on Emeishan

Temple Colors

The temples are stunning both on the inside and out. The statues on the inside are gorgeous works of art that cannot be done justice in a photograph, but the outside of the temples are vibrant works of art that pictures cannot possibly get in all their detail. 

Don't BeLeaf Me - taken in Wenshu Yuan monastery

Green Is My Color

This was taken near the back of Wenshu Yuan Monastery in front of what looked like a bunch of super fancy houses. One of the doors was open, so naturally I peaked my head inside (sorry if this is someoone's home) but there were some motorbikes and covered pictures and furniture inside. It didn't look to be in much use but there were cars outside. Quite the mystery.

Happy Elephant - taken on Emeishan

Elephants and Flowers

This little guy was found on Mount Emei (or Emeishan, shan in chinese means mountain). He looked so content sitting at the bottom of the stair handrail next to these beautiful flowers. This is near the base of the mountain at one of the lower temples. Emeishan is such an emormous mountain that if you were to try to hike to all the temples it would take you roughly 3 days to see them all. I was only able to be there for a day so I was only able to see a few of them, but what I did see was spectacular and I would recommend visiting here if you ever get a chance.


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