Reverse Culture Shock

Disa Robb
November 18, 2013

This past week I traveled to Spain and France during my fall break. Because of Morocco’s close proximity to Europe, I was able to find affordable flights and hotels. Yet, after spending a week in a culture similar to one in America I experience reversed culture shock. Yes, I diagnosed myself.


Spending three consecutive months in a country where women are covered from head to toe, public display of affection is strictly prohibited and majority of the population aren’t aware of happy hour, made Europeans seem like they let everything hang out. Spain was the introduction.


I arrived in the country around 8 p.m. expecting everyone to be in their homes preparing for dinner. Wrong, very wrong. Everyone and their moms, not exaggerating, were outside. People were drinking openly in the streets, girls were wearing short skirts and couples were kissing. Typical behavior in America was becoming way too much for little old me.


My friend, who is studying in Granada, wanted to show us the night-life in the city. Needless to say, I can’t remember anything that happened that night except for excellent food and stumbling into the hotel room at 4 a.m.; typical behavior, yet I was shocked the next morning. While walking to the bus for our drive to Cordoba, at 8 a.m., I ran into a couple of friends from the night before who were just heading home; Typical, yet shocking.


Paris leveled the playing field. Aside from the excessive PDA, I was able to enjoy all of the tourist attractions the city offered. The people were friendly, the food was amazing and at night the city glowed. It was amazing. Luckily, similar to Morocco you can smoke anywhere, literally. With a strong hatred for cigarettes I’m surprised I wasn’t shocked by that.

The Eiffel Tower is amazing by the way.


Needless to say, Morocco is definitely taking a toll on me. I’m curious to see the impressions the culture will have on me once I return to my American ways.



Any questions you have regarding traveling while abroad, feel free to leave in the comment section of this post!

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