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Back to the Edo Period: Kyoto, Japan

December 31, 2017

Geishas. Rickshaws. Tall wooden pagodas. Live through my Kyoto experience with me...


The bright red pagoda near the entrance for Kiyomizu-dera. 


Painting the fall foliage is the only way for this man to spend his day by Kiyomizu-dera.


The pagoda from afar.

DSC_2524 copy.jpg

Two women rinsing their hands and mouths with water -- a spiritual purification ritual.

DSC_2527 copy.jpg

In Kyoto, you will see lots of young men and women wearing traditional kimonos.

DSC_2542 copy.jpg

Possibly one of the biggest cemeteries I've seen. Burying one's ashes with the family's stone is the Shinto tradition.

DSC_2560 copy.jpg

Kinkaku-ji: the Golden Pavillion. Its reflection is just as beautiful as the real thing.

DSC_2579 copy.jpg

An IES Abroad Nagoya student wafting the smoke from the incense on her. This is thought to have healing powers and is often done near temples.

DSC_2607 copy.jpg

Tō-ji, a 5-story pagoda, is one of Kyoto's main photography hotspots. There were so many photographers there even from 7am!

DSC_2700 copy.jpg

The single most exhilerating experience in Kyoto and possibly Japan was riding a rickshaw. Oh. My. Goodness. It's incredible how smoothly these rickshaw "drivers" can run for 2 whole hours! And they are wonderful at making conversation. This will be the first thing I want to do the next time I visit Kyoto.


Maiko-san and geiko-san were seen walking around Arashiyama (the bamboo forest) for a photoshoot. They were so lovely...

DSC_2796 copy.jpg

Last but not least, we walked through the thousand gates of Fushimi Inari. The red paint was a lot more jaded than it looks in pictures I've seen on social media, so I was shocked yet amazed by how long these gates have been standing.


Kyoto gives off a strong vibe of traditional Japan, which makes it a must-see for anyone who is interested in historical Japan. There are tons of things in Kyoto that I haven't yet seen or done, which leaves me with a full list of things to do for the next time I visit Japan. Anybody wanna come with? :)


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