Shaking it, Shamelessly

Danielle Twichel
September 3, 2017

Whether Ecuadorian or Estadounidense (someone from the States), the commonalities between we college students greatly outweigh the differences. In fact, we all end parties the same ordering pizza and belting out Oasis' "Wonderwall" (which sounds even bettter with an Ecuadorian accent, might I say). I guess these habits are ubiquitous. 

The one behavior that does separate our two cultures, however, is the prominence of dance. Usually, dancing at home entails some awkward shoulder-wiggling and perhaps some butt-shaking for the bold. Here in Ecuador, though, they really go. for. it. Even at a casusal fiesta you'll likley witness some serious salsa or bachata. Clearly it's in the blood!

I, on the other hand, lack any rythm whatsoever. This became apparent long ago, as the kid who lost every single round of "Just Dance." That being said, some good reggaton grabs hold of the body and makes it move. I am no exception to this phenomenon. So catch me busting it out with my two left feet, closely resembling a blind penguin. No pasa nada! Nobody can judge a person who is truly enjoying herself. (P.S. If you're a woman like me who can't dance, you can always blame your male lead). 

I have much more to experience during my time in this livley city! But so far, my tip for enjoying Quito is this: in terms of dance and pizza, always say ¡De una! (absolutley!)


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Danielle Twichel

<p>I'm Dani - a leftie, a henna artist, and a wannabe world-traveler. My passion for exploring began when I was 10: taking inspiration from Indiana Jones, I fancied myself "Indiana Dani." Ecuador will be my second time studying abroad, as I spent a semester last year in Granada, Spain. I'm hooked, and hope to one day work in this industry!</p>

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