Barcelona - The Pearl of the Mediterranean

Danielle Chait
April 12, 2018


This past week my family came to visit me. While they were here, we went to Barcelona for a few days. Wow, what a city! First of all, the weather was pretty wonderful. I got the sunshine that Germany has not provided me yet. You better believe that I soaked up as much as I could. It is also looking like Spring over there. The trees have leaves on them and there are flowers appearing everywhere. It is really beautiful and I cannot wait for it to look like that back in Germany.

Unfortunately, my family and I were only there for two full days. Now, do not think you can see all of Barcelona in two days, that is just impossible. However, I think we saw a sufficient amount to understand what Barcelona is all about and how unique it is. We stayed in the center of the city (one metro stop away from La Sagrada Familia). I recommend staying in the middle because Barcelona is BIG and that way seeing all the sights in every direction is easy to do. The easy to use metro is also a great staple of the city since accessing it is easy and getting around is even easier. Just keep your eyes on your belongings!! My mom was pick pocketed - Yikes. No bueno!

There are many different city areas in Barcelona. There is the Gothic neighborhood with the Cathedral of Barcelona, the area with Park Güell and the Bunkers del Carmen, and even the beach and harbor area. Of course, there is a lot I have not seen yet since two days really is not enough to explore, however each city area brings something different and makes for a very unique Barcelona. Following are some of my favorite pictures I have collected from my short, but oh so exciting trip to Barcelona:

City View - This view is from the Bunkers del Carmen. I love seeing cities from a distant. The little hike to the top is very worth it. Especially for those sunset lovers!

La Sagrada Familia - Here is the one, the only, La Sagrada Familia. Talk about exxxtra. Antoni Gaudi is the architect behind this church in the city center. It is not yet finished, but it planned to be done in the next few years. Gaudi was actually killed after being hit by a tram, yet they are completing the church the way he planned it. You are not allowed to come to Barcelona and not see this masterpiece. It is a MUST.

Casa Batlló - This is another piece of work by Gaudi. When his work started being displayed in Barcelona, some people thought it was strange looking. I, however, think it’s very unique and he definitely became one of my favorite architects in the world.

Golden Fish Sculpture - What in the world? One of my favorite landmarks in Barcelona, El Peix was built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It is something else and I think it is really unique. Also, the fish is built only a few feet from the Seafront. Makes sense, right? :) 

Cathedral of Barcelona - A gothic styled church that lays in the middle of Barcelona near the water. This reminded me a ton on the Freiburger Muünster back home in Freiburg. We were even allowed to go to the roof top of the church which was a highlight!

Torre Glòries - One of the tallest buildings in Barcelona, the Torre Glòries is an illuminated firework that lights up the night sky. During large holidays like New Years Eve or Christmas, the building is lit by the 4,500 luminous devices. I was not able to see it in person, but it is okay since the building is stunning in the day time too. 

Christopher Columbus Monument - I honestly just liked this picture and that is why I am including it in the blog!

Sant Pau Hospital - This is a hospital that I found very beautiful. I do not know too much about it, but really loved the building.

Park - Ran into this little park near the bunkers. I love it when greenery meets the city.

Park Güell – Before this was the famous Park Güell, it was the estate of Eusebi Güell. The park is another work of Antoni Gaudi. It is definitely a must when going to Barcelona. Make sure to get tickets before hand though. It’s worth it.

Park Güell - Some performers playing music and dancing Flamenco.

Park Güell - Another view of this gorgeous place. I would personally love to live in the pink building.

Ocean - Coming from San Diego I think it is pretty obvious that the beach will be my favorite part of any city. People were playing beach volleyball and riding their bikes up and down the beach front. It reminded me of home and I enjoyed that familiar feeling. 

La Carmelina – This is a Restaurant that my family and I found on the beaches. I loved the colors and the brightness of this little place. I get excited when running into hidden gems like this one.

Palm Trees - I think my favorite part of any "tropical" city are streets lined with palm trees. It's actually the way to my heart.

Harbor - My sister and I were sitting at the harbor just chatting about life and eating a Crepe out of all things. We forgot we weren't in Paris. It was my favorite part of Barcelona just sitting there with her and catching up while laughing hysterically since that is what we do together. Anyway...

...with that, I leave you with my favorite photos of Barcelona. If you get the chance to visit this city, go to these places! They are truly incredible and I had an amazing time. 

Now off to the next adventure!


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