Bucket List Freiburg - Last month abroad!

Danielle Chait
June 5, 2018


In my last month abroad, I wanted to enjoy my time in Freiburg to the FULLEST extent! To do this, I created a bucket list that I would have to complete. This bucket list consisted of things I have always wanted to do here in Freiburg that I have not yet done or of just my favorite things that I would do for the last time (sigh, can I just stay here forever)?

1. Blue Bridge above the train station - It is a thing here where people just sit on top of this bridge and just hang out. As you can see it is wide enough to sit on, however that does not make it less scary (if you have a fear of heights...). That may be the reason I am not smiling. I guess we will never know! 

2. 5 Senses Cafe - "Favorite Cafe Card". I finally completed it. After ten visits to my favorite Cafe, I finally completed the favorite cafe card and got my 11th Chai Latte for free! Gosh was I excited!!!

3. Take a cooking class - one of the last things we did we IES Abroad was we went to a high school to take a cooking class. There we learned how to correctly make white asparagus, which is actually not hard at all. Minus the fact that it actually is hard because ours did not taste good at all. Oops! It was still a blast!

4. Take a picture with my Zumba instructor - His dancing was MAGIC. He comes from Brazil, which means that he has the rhythm anyway, and it is safe to say that Zumba was definitely a high light during my weeks here!

5. Museum hopping - This is a card that I paid for at the beginning of the semester that would let me into any of the museums in Freiburg for a year! So, on my bucket list, I tried to go to as many as I could! This was my favorite. It displayed deteriorating stone pieces from the Freiburger Münster.

6.  Swimming in Seepark - I have been to this lake a few times, but I have never been swimming because it was always a little cold. However the perfect weather had arrived!!!! It was amazing, and I am so happy that I was able to finally swim in it. Bonus: my boyfriend came too so it was extra fun. 

7. Stadt Theater Freiburg - I wanted to experience some culture in Freiburg so my friends and I went to see Angels in America. It is my friend Doris's favorite play that she has read, but never seen. We were super excited about it until we realized it was an Opera and NOT a play. Oops. We didn't understand too much, but it is nice to say that we went and saw the inside of the theater of Freiburg.

8.  EU Parliament - IES Abroad took us to France to look at the EU parliament and it was so interesting listening to these European politicians discussing topics like migrants or the government situation in Poland. Things got a little heated, but I enjoyed every second of it. 

9. World Cup - Watching the world cup games in the country that holds the championship is very interesting! I watched the Germany vs Mexico game here in a bar. I was the only Mexican fan, since I am Mexican. It was definitely a little awkward since they won and everyone was upset Germany lost. But so proud of Mexico!

10. Hike Schönberg at dusk  - This little mountain is basically my backyard from where I was living in Freiburg. I had classes all day and decided to run up this trail to just enjoy one of my last nights in Freiburg. :) 

11. Seepark at night - Wanted to go to Seepark to eat dinner/ have a picnic. Was a blast!! Seepark is my favorite place in Freiburg. 

12. Mamita Club - Being Latina, I crave latin music and I am constantly listening to it. I heard about Mamita which is a dance club in Freiburg that ONLY plays latin music. During my last weekend, I took a housemate and my friend to it, and it's my dream club. The music is everything even though we got there really early and it was just the three of us for a while. Still fun! :) 

13. Ritter Sport - This is a German brand of chocolate and for some reason I am obsessed with their packaging and flavors. SO I decided to try to try them ALL. I have managed to eat and save the wrappers of 11 types of Ritter sport chocolate bars! It is a weird bucket list goal, however just do what makes your heart happy. 

14. Saying goodbye to educators - This is Ana and she was my German teacher this semester. I had such a fun time in her class, and I learned a ton of German. I will be forever sad that I will not have her as a teacher anymore, but I am thankful that our paths crossed. Du bist wirklich super, Ana!

15. Sunsets - This was the last sunset I saw in Freiburg, and it’s the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Maybe because Freiburg has a special place in my heart now 

I am very sad to leave Freiburg. It was an incredible time here, and it will forever have a place in my heart!

Danielle Chait

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