More abandoned places, the great outdoors, and Prague

Nina Arbis
May 14, 2017

Hi again! I’m back & I bear more photos to share! Midterms are now behind us, which relieves a lot of the stress from last week… it’s weird at the same time too because, we’ve just finished midterms, but the majority of our schools back home have finished finals and even the spring semester by now. Also, Berlin's weather has finally decided to cooperate, aka. it's finally beginning to feel like what spring weather should feel like outside- so hopefully it stays sunny and nice from here on out! In this post you will find photos from more abandoned locations in and around Berlin, Berlin outdoors, and a few photos from Prague! (I’m actually on a bus from Prague back to Berlin as we speak)… so hey from there. Anyway, do enjoy!


Rüdersdorf chemical factory- this was previously a chemical factory, and then a cement factory in East Germany... abandoned in the late 90s:

Some cool-looking graffiti in one of the main buildings of the factory:

Living life on the edge:

Enjoying some sun at Mauerpark (Exhibit A of good weather in Berlin):

Adventures in Teufelsberg feat. green grass and blue skies (Exhibit B of good weather in Berlin):

This sight abandoned sight in Teufelsberg was Cold War era NSA listening/spying station:

Interesting assortment of bikes and bike parts:

Close-up of one of the signal-receiving or signal-emitting towers:

Odd (but also somehow mystical) combination of pink tower + golden bath + armchair outside:

Made it to Prague! Here is the Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square. Fun fact: it’s apparently the 2nd most overrated sight in Europe:

Main cathedral in the castle complex:

Gal pals seeking refuge from the heat:

Aaand some oversized bubbles in the park:


Danke for checking these out!

Bis später,

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