Friends come to visit & long weekend in Amsterdam

Nina Arbis
June 11, 2017

Since last time- I got a nice visit from some family friends from Frankfurt, have been embracing Berlin 'summer-life' activities, and even took a nice trip to Amsterdam this past weekend (we had Thursday off for 'Himmelfahrt'). Now it's back to school in the meantime. I have quite a few presentations for classes going on this month, so we'll see how that all goes-- hopefully not too stressful... Here are the photos!:


Iconic Brandenburger Tor photo with my close childhood friend, Natalia:

And of course, I also felt the need to take my guests to visit some 'Abandoned Berlin' locations. This was an abandoned indoor swimming pool complex. Sadly, I think it had recently been burnt down:

Me posing next to some cool red graffiti at the former swimming pool complex (photo creds to Natalia for this):

We also made a day trip to an abandoned Anatomy Institute for Anatomy/medical students back in the day... This was the old lecture hall:

Amsterdam! I was a fan of all the architecture there:

Cute summer flowers near the canals (we were blessed with warm weather the whole time there):

Inside the Rijksmuseum:

Statue figurines in the Rijksmuseum:

Owen learning about the museum's main library:

'Night Watch' ('Nachtwache’) painting by Rembrandt:

Boat tour along the canals (feat. a little floating boat house):

Sooo pretty:

Friends @ Voldenpark on an overall good day:

Jared, the tree climber:


Until next time!!

-Nina Arbis .... please feel free to check out more of my adventures HERE!

Nina Arbis

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