Frankfurt and the last of Urban Exploring

Nina Arbis
July 26, 2017

After our semester classes ended around the beginning of July we had a fair share of freetime that opened up. I spent my last few weeks in Berlin roaming around the city, taking in the liveliness of it all. I miss it already (I'm currently back home in California as I write this). Of course a decent amount of my time left in Berlin also consisted in checking out more abaondoned locations with some friends. We felt the need to squeeze in some more urban exploring while we still had the chance. I also made a trip out to Frankfurt/ Wiesbaden to visit some other friends there as well. Even there, we visited an abandoned cooling/refridgerated storage complex. Here are some snapshots!


At an ex-tank base (Panzer Kaserne) in Berlin:

Frankfurt skyline in the distance:

Friends on a nice forrest stroll:

Cool graffiti: 

Wild berries (raspberries):

Previously an SS Bakery (located in Oranienburg): 

They still had the loaf molds, trays, old ovens, etc.: 


Used for the transport of grains/ wheat to lower levels of the building:

EDM Music festival (AirBeat One) at Neustadt-Glewe:




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Nina Arbis

<p>Hallo! I&rsquo;m Nina. I am a second-semester junior at American University in Washington D.C, where I&rsquo;m majoring in International Relations and minoring in German. While California&rsquo;s home for me, I also grew up in Frankfurt for 7 seven years of my life&mdash;making it all the more exciting to return to Germany this spring semester! You can find me reading, doodling &amp; crafting, taking photos, expanding my food horizons, meeting new people, and seeking out all-things-adventurous&hellip; I especially appreciate finding cozy hole-in-the-wall locations in whatever city I&#39;m in. I&rsquo;m stoked for all the experiences and stories Berlin has in store. Stay tuned.</p>

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