Siena Eats!

Caeli Smith
December 11, 2013

Cannoli at il Mercato di Natale

In case you didn’t know, Siena is delicious. While my host mom’s cooking is always appreciated, there’s nothing better than trying out the city’s best food and drinks. Here’s a list of the best places friends and I have tried. And remember: all pici is good pici.


Manifico. Via dei Pellegrini, near the Duomo. This is the best bakery in Siena, according to my host mom and several professors. My host family buys their Pan Coi Santi bread here and it is delicious. Fun fact: its in the basement of an old palazzo and is also one of the oldest bakeries in the city.

Gino Cacino, Piazza Mercato. Amazing panini. Ask Gino, the super friendly namesake and panino master, to recommend something – because everything is so good it will be hard to choose.

Agrario Consorzio/Menchetti, off Banchi di Sopra between Piazza Salimbene & Piazza Maetteoti. This was my go-to lunch spot in the beginning: really good pizza, made from local ingridiants. The supermarket in the back sells great produce and Sienese products as well.

La Pizzeria di Nonno Mede, Via Camporegio, downhill from San Domenico. Pizza, Calzones, and an amazing view of Siena, any time of day.

Mercato di NatalePiazza del Campo (December only). The entire Campo is packed with vendors selling all manner of breads, pastries, meats, cheeses and more. The best part is every stall has free samples…I definitely made a lunch out of visiting every one. And maybe more than once.

Pici on Via Galluza. Pardon the vague information (I can’t remember or find the names of the restaurants) but any of the Osterias off Via Galluzzi have delicious pici pasta dishes. Cacio e Pepe pasta 4 eva.

Bar Gelateriajust off the Campo. Gelato. Always. And if you ask Travis, “i puffi” is the best flavor (and also the bluest).

The view from Bar Key Largo


Bar Key Largocorner of the Campo & Via Rinaldini. The best place for a coffee with a view. The coffee is good, but the best part is the second story balcony and watching the Campo as you drink.

La Bottega de CaffèBanchi di Sotto, just off the Campo. Espresso: comes complete with a glass of water and a chocolate. This is amazing, especially for someone like me who is still trying to get used to bitter espresso.

The Tea Room, Via Porta Giustizia, off Piazza Mercato. A wonderful place for drinks and desserts. It looks like a cross of your great-aunt’s parlor room and something out of Alice-in-Wonderland, which is fantastic. Make reservations though, its often packed.

Bella Vista, Via Pantaneto. For dancing: a Saturday night of swing music is tons of fun.

But cooking with friends is also great: breakfast at the Nerd House!



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