San Gimignano

Caeli Smith
December 9, 2013

A calf at the agriturismo. Too cute.

Right before final papers and exams were about to start, we day tripped to San Gimignano. Lunch was at an agriturismo with views of the city’s famous towers and the tuscan countryside. The food was good, as per usual (we may have pocketed some of the extra biscotti at the end of dessert…), but the highlight were the farm animals: cows, calves and our newly adopted, and named, dog friend, Sarah. After an emotional parting, we toured around San Gimignano, a medieval town smaller than Siena but with its towers still intact. Climbing one of the main towers just at dusk we got another taste of Tuscan beauty, and a taste of gelato when we descended. A good afternoon and last field trip before finals and goodbye-ing sets in. I’m already nostalgic.

Mari meets some cows.

More cows, with Paul and Nick

“Sarah” the dog.

Main two towers of San Gimignano.

From the tower top.

San Gimignano below.

Nancy and Hannah on the top of the tower!

Julia, Smari and Smare! (Or is it “Mari and Rosie”?)

Tuscany at sunset.

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