One Last Hope

Avani Kolla
June 26, 2014

It seems as if just yesterday I was packing my suitcase to come to Spain.  And now, again, I am packing my suitcase, but to leave Spain.  The time has gone by both quickly and slowly.  Slowly in the sense that I have had the chance to appreciate each and every experience.  Quickly in the sense that I have done so much and had so much fun in such a short amount of time.

One of the things I’ve been enjoying recently is watching the World Cup.  On the day of the Spain vs Chile game, tons of people gathered in bars and cafes.  There were televisions set up all around the Plaza Mayor.  It was interesting to see how so many people come together during the games.

I’ve also been enjoying traveling during the weekends.  Last weekend, I went on a trip to Madrid.  It was exciting to be in such a crowded, urban city and exhilarating to walk places on my own in such a big city.  Of course there are dangerous areas/areas with lots of pickpocketing.  However, the area we stayed in was extremely safe.   I was also able to walk through Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia.  Although this was tiring, and a lot to squeeze into one day, it was a wonderful experience to see the artwork.  For example, Picaso’s Guernica can be seen in the Reina Sofia.

I also had the chance to take a day trip to Toledo, which was well worth it.  So many people have told me that Toledo is the most beautiful city in Spain, and I must say I agree.  It is beautiful to see how three different religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) coexisted in this city.  Wandering around the streets is also beautiful as many of them are decorated with flags and flowers.  If ever in Madrid, taking a day trip to Toledo is something that should not be missed!

As the days I have left here in Salamanca begin to dwindle, I just have one last hope to soak in as much of the cultural, social, and architectural beauty of this city.  It truly has been an unforgettable experience to live, study, and explore in another country.  Although I am sad to be leaving my host mom and Salamanca, I am excited for my next adventure of going to Italy for a week!

Salvador Dalí painting in the Reina Sofia Large poster of the new King Felipe and Queen Letizia in Puerta del Sol of Madrid Ceiling of the Cathedral in Toledo Part of the Alcazar in Toledo Me in Santa Maria la Blanca Synagogue in Toledo One of the decorated streets of Toledo

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