I See the Light

Avani Kolla
July 7, 2014

Even though I was only there for a month, saying goodbye to my host mom and the city of Salamanca was difficult. The city had become so familiar and was truly beginning to feel like home.


And although it was only a month, I gained so much from my time in Salamanca:

-My Spanish had improved significantly; I can now understand when native Spanish speakers talk quickly and am able to speak without having to thinking about what to say

-I was able to explore some beautiful cities and see some of the world’s most famous monuments, museums, cathedrals, and sights

-I am considerably more independent and feel confident exploring a new city or traveling alone.  Traveling on my own has now become adventurous rather than nerve-racking


There are a few tips I have for future Salamanca study abroad students so that you can gain the most out of your experiences:

-Take part in the university’s intercambios program; it connects you in with a Spanish speaker and allows you to practice speaking Spanish

-If you are a girl, take a large tote bag because it will be helpful for day trips and even to use for your classes

-Laundry is expensive, so take a good amount of clothes or clothes you don’t mind wearing over again

-Try to have as many experiences as possible: travel when you can, try new foods, meet new people

-And lastly, don’t be nervous! There are tons of international students in Salamanca, so you are not alone in trying to figure out a new language/culture


After leaving Salamanca, I went to Milan to visit some family friends.  Italians are just as friendly as Spaniards, but I must say, their food is significantly better.  While in Italy, I had the chance to visit Lake Maggiore and Genoa.  After my week in Italy, it was time to head back to the US.  My five weeks in Europe were remarkable, making it difficult to leave.  However, I hope to return to Europe soon!

My host mom and I Learning how to make a tortilla española from my host mom View of Madrid from my plane Me at the top of the Duomo in Milan View from a summit near Lake Maggiore, Italy Inside of a church in Italy

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