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Ava Renbarger
March 18, 2019

Hi everyone!! I have been in New Zealand for a little over a month now, and it already feels like home here in Christchurch! I decided to post photos of things to do around the city for those potentially studying here or planning a trip in the near future. Christchurch is one of the biggest cities in New Zealand and the biggest on the south island, meaning there is plenty to do and see while here. Below are a bunch of my favorite pictures and places you can easily get to from university. One of my most frequently visited places is Sumner Beach (the ice cream shop across the street is my personal favorite), which is only about an hour bus ride and is perfect for all the sunny days here in Christchurch! I also discussed Port Hills in my last post, but Port Hills is an awesome day trip right by Sumner as well! This gives you the opportunity to hike and see some amazing views, but also enjoy the beach! On top of this, Christchurch in general and particularly downtown is very clean and has a lot of stores and unique restaurants to explore. A popular coffeehouse I recently visited is C1, which was an awesome environment and the coffee and food were some of the best I’ve had so far. Little High is also a great place to eat because it offers a lot of different variety of food places. Beyond that, there are random things to do all aound such as kayaking on the river, visiting the botanical gardens, Taylor's mistake, and much more! There are also a couple of pictures below from the lantern festival which was just a few weeks ago. It was a big event celebrating Chinese culture downtown with live music, lanterns, performances, and great food! Not to mention, the festival itself was completely free! A lot of these pictures have captions included, but as you can see there is plenty to do and keep you busy around Christchurch! I am sure in these next four months I will find much more and cannot wait to share!

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Ava Renbarger

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