Returning Home

Anna Braman
July 1, 2019

I have been home for two days now, and it feels like I was just packing and preparing to start my adventure in Salamanca. One month felt like a week, and when the end of June rolled around, I was shocked that I had just finished a month in Spain. Studying abroad in Salamanca was one of the most rewarding and transforming experiences I have ever had. I was able to be immersed in Spanish culture, travel to Portugal and around Spain, improve my Spanish speaking skills, and make lifelong friends. My session only had eleven people, so it was so easy to get to know everyone quickly and became very close in just the first few days. While I was looking forward to coming home and returning to the life I know, I was very sad to leave Salamanca. While the experience had some bumps, I would not change anything about my time there. I will deeply miss the friends I made, and I won’t forget the kind and welcoming nature of all the IES Abroad staff in Salamanca. I hope to someday return to Salamanca, and I don’t like the thought of never seeing the people I became so close with. So, I’m not saying goodbye, I’m saying hasta luego.