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About the Internship

Our program guarantees an unpaid, 8-week , 0-, 3-, or 6-credit summer or  0-credit, 12-week semester internship placement for 10-32 hours per week in the field of your choice. Develop your professional skills, your ability to communicate across cultures, and gain real work experience that will jump-start your career in today’s competitive job market.

Before you start, we work with you to find the ideal internship placement that fulfills your career goals. We’ve placed students in a wide variety of organizations and businesses. If we don’t currently work with a business or organization in your field of interest, we will search for a placement that’s right for you.

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Personalized Placements

We'll work with you to find a placement in the field of your choice.

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Internships Where and When You Need

We are excited to help you work remotely anywhere in the world.

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Hands-On Experience

Get the hands-on, professional experience.

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Intern Around the World

We place you in any of our internship destinations.

Spring 2025

Program Dates:

Early February - Early June

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Internship Program Advisor

Alexis Watson headshot

Alexis Watson

Once you’ve applied for an internship, I’ll be your direct point of contact. From field placements to housing and everything in between, I’m here to help you prepare for your internship. Once you’re accepted to your internship, you’ll find even more detailed information about what you need to know before you depart in your Predeparture Guide. Let’s get started!

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Why Remote?

University of Pennsylvania – Virtual English Language Program

At IES®, we’ve been offering quality, part-time internships for nearly 60 years and full-time internships with the introduction of IES Internships in 2013. You could kinda say we’re experts…and now, we’re bringing the internships to you with the IES® Remote Internship program. You’ll get the same hands-on (just not literally), professional experience you’d get abroad, while also gaining the remote working skills that are oh-so-important right now, plus an international component to boot.

Participating IES Abroad Destinations

In addition to choosing your internship industry and sharing your placement preferences, once you've applied, you can also indicate if you'd prefer that your host company or organization be based in one of the following IES Abroad destinations (and be sure to check back, as destinations may be added or vary by term). This may be especially useful if you need an internship conducted in a particular language or culture for your major, minor, or global learning requirement at your school.

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Buenos Aires
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Cape Town
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