IN 395B - Internship Seminar

This course investigates the cultural issues that inevitably surround working within a foreign environment. It will mainly be based on the intercultural knowledge that the intern stands to gain through the workplace experience. In addition to Intercultural Studies, we will also consider other diverse but related areas such as Organizational Theory, Human Resources, Ethics and Spain’s economic situation.

Companies increasingly value any international experiences on a candidate’s résumé. A worker with intercultural competence is more flexible, analytical, tolerant to change and open-minded. Everything that a global company needs!

The internationalization of companies and the consequent globalization of the economy is an unquestionable fact. Business and economic activities are dominated by two fundamental elements: The opening of the markets, with a progressive elimination of physical and administrative barriers, and the intensive use of information and communication technologies. Managers and employees in general must be prepared to think globally, act locally and work digitally.

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Internship Seminar

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