Time to Celebrate: Go Overseas Names IES Abroad Top Study Abroad Provider of 2018

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We did it, folks! IES Abroad has once again been recognized for its academic and culturally immersive (and, of course, fun!) study abroad programs, being named the Overall Top Study Abroad Provider in the first-ever Go Overseas Community Choice Awards for Study Abroad.

Winning this award is all the sweeter since the rankings were determined purely by students’ reviews, which says a lot about the value our students place on studying abroad with us.   

To choose the Overall Best Study Abroad Provider, Go Overseas looked at every program review posted on their site between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. They looked at the average scores each provider received across all of their programs and five categories (academics, support, fun, housing, and safety) they ask students to rate. They then averaged each provider's scores and weighted the score based on the number of reviews they received.


Not only do we have the most positive reviews on the Go Overseas website in 2018 out of more than 100 study abroad providers included on their website, we also rank highly across academics, support, fun, housing, and safety; we aren’t surprised, but it’s always great to hear it from students who experience their study abroad adventures of a lifetime on our programs.

We partner with online directories like Go Overseas so you can easily compare and contrast study abroad programs and internship abroad opportunities, as well as read first-hand reviews from the students themselves. It’s reviews like these that make IES Abroad the number one provider:

  • For courses, the IES Abroad program offered classes that were exciting and entertaining, such as Contemporary German Films and Berlin Literature. With the literature class, I received full immersion to discuss texts verbally and write essays in German. From the beginning of my arrival to Germany, I went from not being able to ask for directions to conversing casually with the Döner stand owner about how his stand was my favorite place to get Döner and how I will miss it when I return to the U.S.

     - Doan | IES Abroad Berlin

  • Overall, the IES Abroad Granada program provided me with amazing opportunities to learn and grow in a setting previously unfamiliar to me. It led me to build meaningful and lasting relationships and it gave me experiences that I continue to learn from even while I am back at home.

     - Anna | IES Abroad Granada

  • The apartment I was assigned to was in an amazing neighborhood right next to Vatican City and wasn't touristy at all. I lived with five other IES Abroad students in a building that was all Italian families, it truly felt like being a local. Overall, IES Abroad Rome made the transition to living and studying abroad so seamless, allowing me to have the most fun I've had in my life.

     - Amelia | IES Abroad Rome

  • The instructors at IES Abroad were patient and supportive in the classroom, and the other IES Abroad staff was helpful with keeping our grades, safety, and homestays in-check. They offered activities from tango shows and soccer games to trips to the North of Argentina and volunteering in the community.

     - Emily | IES Abroad Buenos Aires

  • I studied abroad for a summer in Dublin with IES Abroad and couldn't have loved it any more than I did. I've wanted to do it all again since the second I got home. The IES Abroad staff, from the U.S. offices in Chicago to the Dublin site, was helpful from the second I was interested in the program. Dublin is a fantastic place to live and study and IES Abroad made sure we had all the support needed to accomplish everything we wanted to while abroad.

     - Greg | IES Abroad Dublin

  • Traveling abroad can be very scary, especially when you're traveling to a country where you don't know the language well or have limited access to your support system at home. It was for these reasons that I chose IES Abroad's program. All of their programs were more structured and supportive than any of the other study abroad opportunities that I researched. They were more structured in the form of organized tours and activities that help strengthen our knowledge of the cultural and societal history of the country.

     - Jasmine | IES Abroad Shanghai

To learn more about our students and their experiences on IES Abroad programs first hand, check out our students’ blogs where they document their time abroad through writing, photography, video, and more!  You can also explore study abroad and internship opportunities with our program finder.

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