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May 28, 2019

When it comes to study abroad stories and advice, who better to hear from than our students who are currently abroad, living out the experience in real time? That’s why we’re excited to have 29 IES Abroad Correspondents sharing their writing, photography, video, and other creative projects with us in Summer 2019.

All summer long, you can keep up with the study abroad adventures of our Correspondents in 21 different cities around the world through IES Abroad Blogs. Whether they're in Tokyo, Buenos Aires, or anywhere in between, we can’t wait to hear how study abroad redefines their worlds.

Check out some of our favorite Correspondent quotes (so far!) below:

Alexandra Bartkoske

"Hong Kong is going to be nothing short of new adventures, new memories, and new friends. This experience is definitely once-in-a-lifetime, and I would be foolish to be under-prepared. Who knows what I would miss if I did not adequately prepare? With a summer full of adventure in front of me, I need to know everything I can fit in. Hong Kong is the adventurer’s dream city, and I plan to take full advantage of every opportunity I see."

From Adventure Awaits in Hong Kong by Alexandra Bartkoske | Hong Kong Summer—Internship | Miami University—Farmer School

Pablo Cisneros

"I am looking forward to making videos so that students considering studying abroad get an idea of the study abroad experience. This is my second time studying abroad, and I am motivated to improve my Japanese language skills. I am also excited to make new friends and explore the massive city of Tokyo."

From My Awkward Introduction/Predeparture Tips! by Pablo Cisneros | Tokyo Summer | University of Illinois at Chicago

Jacques Lerouge

"I’m so excited to end 16 years of schooling and start a career as a Real Adult. I’ll wear blazers! I’ll talk about the budget in two-hour-long meetings with a comptroller named Mark! Seriously though, I couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than with a trip around the globe."

From Soaring Past Stress by Jacques Lerouge | Paris Summer—Internship | University of Minnesota
Benancio Rodriquez


"As I prepare for my first study abroad experience, I’m filled with an incredible amount of excitement and anticipation. I know that during my time abroad, I’m going to be filled with dozens of amazing experiences that I will get to carry with me for the rest of life..."

From Go With Less, Come Back With More by Benancio Rodriguez | Madrid Summer | University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
Rachael Stanek

"After thinking about what my next adventure could be, I remembered all the wonderful stories that my mom had told me about her time that she spent in Alicante, Spain, during her study abroad. She speaks so wonderfully of these memories that I decided I would be crazy not to attempt to have the same experience."

From From Out of State to Out of the Country by Rachael Stanek | Barcelona Summer—Language & Area Studies | University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Rose Tyler


"I am thrilled and intimidated and anxious and excited, but mostly, I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore a city I’ve already fallen in love with and to practice the most beautiful language in the world. I’m ready with my packed suitcase and an open mind."

From I'll Never Be Prepared for Paris (And That's Okay) by Rose Tyler | Paris Summer—Language Immersion | The Ohio State University
Addie Woods

"I am so excited to be able to study migration in a completely new context on the other side of the world. I think learning about migration in the Mediterranean will offer me so many new insights and connections to what I already have focused on in my studies."

From En Route to Nice! by Addie Woods | Nice Summer—Multiculturalism & Immigration in the Mediterranean | Davidson College

Thinking about studying abroad? Check out our program finder to explore our study abroad locations, and keep up with our Summer 2019 Correspondents all semester long on IES Abroad Blogs.


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