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Jul 18 4:15pm

IES Abroad 2018-19 Correspondent of the Year Interview

by Katya

IES Abroad: Tell us a bit about yourself and your study abroad blog.

Jul 18 1:10pm

10 Days Away from Buenos Aires and I am…Not Ready

by Pheonix

This is how I'm coming to terms with leaving my HBCU campus for a semester.

Jul 18 10:50am

Combatting Reverse Homesickness

by Rose

Returning home after traveling abroad has left me with a feeling of reverse homesickness. Here's how I've dealt with the feeling of wanting to go back to my new home.

Jul 17 7:07pm

Dawn of the Final Day: 5 Tips to Study Abroad Successfully

by Alex

As the sun rises on my final full day in Dublin, I am feeling incredibly reflective.  My most overwhelming sentiment is that, while I'm quite sad to be leaving a city that I've grown to love a great deal, I feel completely satisfied with everything that I have been able to do. I truly made the most of this opportunity, and I want to help you do the same! Here are some of the words of wisdom that I have lived by throughout these six weeks.

Jul 17 6:08pm

Diary of a Wannabe Kiwi: Move-in Edition

by Lexi

An honest take on a bit of a rocky move-in and how Christchurch began to feel more like home.

Jul 17 2:45am

A Growing Bond

by Jake

The impending departure from Shanghai is starting to dawn on me. Although I have almost four weeks left, the majority of my group leaves in less than two weeks. Even though I have been having a ton of fun, I have mostly felt as if I won’t really miss China.