Future-Focused Friday: The Dog Days Have Us Drooling Over Summer 🐶

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August 7, 2020

Happy Friday!

If you can't believe it's already August, you aren't alone—neither can we. These are the dog days of summer you know, meaning the season isn't over just yet and anything is paw-sible! 🐾

But do you know what the “dog days of summer” even mean…? As the curious people we are, we did some research. Turns out there’s an actual “Dog Star” (part of the constellation Canis Major), and these are the days when it appears to rise right before the ☀️. It’s Greek, it’s old, it’s a doggone fun fact.

Usually the hottest days of the year, these dog days can feel a little ruff sometimes. But if you can handle the 🔥, you might consider checking out the best places to study abroad for warm weather. And while you wait for the ⭐s to align to travel again (whether or not they are dog stars), let us know what study abroad questions you have for IES Abroad alumni!

Astronomy aside, the dog days also remind us of how much we 💛 our canine friends (especially while we work, or study, from 🏠). In fact, dogs are so loved around the world that a mountain in Japan was named after them and our correspondents are constantly documenting the dogs they see abroad.

And now, on to what was clearly the most critical question we’ve asked our colleagues this week 😉. If we let their dogs out (cue the Baha Men 🎵), where in the 🌎 would they study abroad?

“Berliners love dogs. To a dog enthusiast like me, it is particularly fun to see that dogs are allowed almost everywhere here—stores, buses, cafes, the metro…I rarely see them on a leash, even the big ones, as they are all incredibly well-behaved. It gives Berlin a bit of a more relaxed vibe, as it suggests that people think it is important to take it easy every now and then by going on a casual stroll with their four-legged friends.”
Marta M. (IES Abroad Berlin | Bowdoin College)

But enough about our furry friends, where would YOU study abroad?

Don't Stop Retrieving

P.S. Our Woof of the Week—oops we mean Word*—on Instagram, is "Woof". Learn how different countries speak "dog language". It’s only polite to also know how to translate “woof” to your host family’s 🐶!

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