Dogs of Chile

Marley Crank
September 30, 2015
Dog in Valpo

One of the things that I love the most about the urban areas of Chile is the amount of dogs there are! While this is a little bit sad because some of them are homeless and were left by their owners on the street, they are also so smart, friendly, and cared for my the people of the city.

One of my first days in Chile someone told me that a dog rode their city bus, or "micro", and it was completely commonplace, no one blinked an eye. I did not really know how to feel about that because I had not noticed the amount of dogs walking around with us, but as soon as it was brought to my attention. I saw them everywhere! Crossing the street with the traffic lights, basking in the sun, being loved on by a city dweller, and everything else that dogs could possibly do in the city. It is not weird or "dirty" to pet these dogs, and they are not going to hurt you.

Ever since then, I have fallen in love with them. I love to photograph them, pet them, play fetch with them, and just watch them act like funny little furry humans. While some of them have been abandoned by their owners, the city has more or less adopted them. There are organizations set up to feed, clothe (dog sweaters, police vests, and jackets are all the rage these days), and give temporary housing to these dogs (there are seriously little dog-house communities in a lot of the parks!).

I am not the only extranjero to fall in love with these dogs or at least noticed them, check out the song "Dogs of Santiago" by Lipbone Redding.

Some people may be a bit weirded out by this at first, but see for yourself! Just look at their cute furry faces!

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