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May 14, 2024

We love to celebrate the diversity of our students and their extraordinary experiences around the globe during study abroad. This month, we're thrilled to elevate voices from our IES Abroad AAPI community through their blogs, social media content, and more!

We're committed to showcasing how our identities help shape our stories and our worlds, especially as they are shared and explored across countries, languages, and more. We are as determined as ever to do our part and give our students the resources they need to be 100% themselves abroad.

Dive in below to discover a few highlights from our AAPI community! 

📖🎥 Our Latest in Writing & Film

jacob chan headshot spring 2023 blogger

Making Friends Abroad: An Introvert's Perspective

Jacob shares his experience making friends as an introvert while studying abroad.

Riana Santos Headshot

My Favorite Moments While Abroad

Discover Seoul through Riana's eyes and video blogs!

Tracy Lin Headshot

My Favorite Activities in Cape Town

Tracy explores Cape Town and its hidden gems!

Woohyn Kwen Headshot

Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Woohyun shares her best tips for planning trips on a budget while studying abroad.

Chloe Abracosa Headshot

A Local-ish Tour Guide

Chloe plays tour guide for a friend visiting Amsterdam!

Roma Sarathi Headshot

5 Things I'm Making Sure to Take with Me from Granada

Roma reminisces about her time in Granada and as a Correspondent.

MILAN | "Not My Life" | 2022 Film Festival Finalist

Prepare to be inspired by Clarence's short film about studying abroad in Milan, Italy!

🤳Student Correspondents Featured on IES Abroad's TikTok

  • Follow along with Eunice Lee for a Day in the Life at IES Abroad Amsterdam!
  • Get a glimpse of Melody Kulich's time at IES Abroad Barcelona. 
  • Explore more from IES Abroad Amsterdam through Ocean Park's adventures!
Hei Kiu Au - Barcelona

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At IES Abroad, we believe that studying and interning abroad is not just for a specific type of student; it's for everyone. Our Identity resources cover it all—whether you have a food allergyanxiety, or a tight budget. Maybe you're the first family member to go to college (and abroad), a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an international student, or someone looking to practice your religion abroad (or maybe all of the above!).  How will study abroad expand your world? We can't wait to find out. 

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