My Favorite Activities in Cape Town

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Tracy Lin
July 3, 2023

You will probably notice a pattern that almost all of my favorite experiences are outdoor activities. As someone who enjoys nature, I chose Cape Town because of the hiking trails and the proximity of the beach, but there are still things to do even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the outdoors!

Sunset Cruise 

By the V&A Waterfront, there are a lot of different boats that will go out into the ocean during sunset. When you book a sunset cruise, the boat will bring you out into the Atlantic Ocean where you get to enjoy a beautiful sunset while drinking sparkling wine. I really enjoyed the boat ride and the beautiful scenery of the setting sun over the ocean. I highly recommend taking a sunset cruise if you enjoy scenic boat rides, and the mountains over the ocean were the perfect background for pictures! 

view of the Atlantic Ocean with Table Mountain in the background during sunset

Garden Route

The Garden Route is a stretch of coastlines along South Africa. It is debatable where it starts and where it ends, but the views are gorgeous. When you drive along Chapman’s Peak, you get the most beautiful views of the coast. I highly recommend doing the drive as I could not stop looking out the window as we drove along the coast.  We did several stops throughout the Garden Route, from seeing African Penguins at Betty’s Bay to seeing where the Indian Ocean met the Atlantic Ocean at the southernmost tip of South Africa. I also went to Tsitsikamma National Park where I walked over a suspension bridge that spanned across a river. The sights were absolutely breathtaking. If you love coastal trips, this would be the perfect weekend trip away from Cape Town.  There are also a couple of animal sanctuaries along the Garden Route, so if you want to touch elephants or see some monkeys, this is the perfect trip!

view of Storm River
View of Atlantic Ocean at Cape Agulhas

Neighbourgoods Market/Old Biscuit Mill

As a food lover and someone who loves shopping, I loved going to Old Biscuit Mill. On the weekends, they host a small market called the Neighbourgoods Market with tons of different food stalls and a small area where you can get fresh produce. They also have a DJ that plays music, and the atmosphere is lively with lots of people, especially on Saturday. I have already come twice, and they have food from all over the world such as Ghanaian food and Korean food. They also have small shops that sell things from handmade jewelry to mohair sweaters. It is the perfect place to go on a weekend when you want to go shopping and eat some delicious food. 

Seals by V&A Waterfront

I think that it is really cool seeing animals out in their natural habitat, and there are a lot of seals along the coasts of South Africa. Behind an aquarium that is by V&A Waterfront, there is a dock and on the platform, there are a bunch of seals from adult seals to baby seals sunbathing on the dock. It was really interesting being able to observe them in close proximity.  I was even able to catch one swimming off the dock and heading towards the ocean. 

seals lounging on a platform by the waterfront

With over a month left, I can't wait to see what else I will experience!

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