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Chloe Abracossa
Chloe Abracosa
March 25, 2024

I sometimes forget that I have other friends studying abroad in other parts of Europe. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when one of my friends messaged me saying that she was going to be stopping by Amsterdam during her spring break from University of Leeds. Despite her arrival occurring in the middle of study-week, I made time in my schedule to show her the best parts of the city. 

I started the day off by helping her buy a metro pass to help get around the city. I personally believe that exploring a city's transportation system is a fun activity within itself. My friend was able to see a lot of the city just by taking the 13 Tram from my dorm. To make sure that she was getting the truest sights of the city, I took her to the Jordaan neighborhood. I chose this part of the city because of its small streets that you would typically see from a postcard. As we walked around, my friend was able to see the famous canals, mounds of bikes, and even pass by the Anne Frank Museum. To end the day, I decided to take her to the Pancake Bakery to let her get a taste of real Dutch pancakes.

The last day she was scheduled to be in the city, she expressed her desire to go to the Tony’s Chocolonely Store that is in the city center. Although it is kind of touristy, I am glad that I agreed to take her because I don’t think I would’ve gone by myself. I found it nice that my friend’s visit gave me an excuse to wait in that line!

Being able to tour a friend around the city I have been living in for 2 months was a great opportunity to test my local knowledge and hospitality skills. Acting as a tour guide helps make me more confident in my mastery of my neighborhood. It is definitely a right-of-passage for new residents of the city. 

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Chloe Abracossa

Chloe Abracosa

Chloe Abracosa is a Filipina-American student from Southern California. She is currently in her third year at Sarah Lawrence College studying the Social Sciences. When she is not studying, she loves to play music and take portraits of her friends. 

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