Celebrating International Women’s Day: IES Abroad Women Who #PressForProgress

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We’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day and the women who #PressForProgress to make gender parity a reality.

Here are just a few of the IES Abroad students, faculty, and staff who have recently dedicated their time and energy to elevate women around the world.

Dr. Mary M. Dwyer


Dr. Mary M. Dwyer, President & CEO

Our President & CEO Dr. Mary M. Dwyer was featured on an Inside Study Abroad podcast where she discussed women in the field of international education. She discussed the efforts she makes at IES Abroad to ensure female employees have equal opportunity and equal pay. Additionally, Mary shared her experience as a woman in typically male-dominated areas throughout her career, both in academia and as president and CEO of a non-profit organization. Listen to the full podcast online.

Dr. Diane Atkinson

Dr. Diane Atkinson, IES Abroad London Professor

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of women being given the right to vote in the UK, Dr. Diane Atkinson published Rise Up Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing, the book is described as a “definitive history [that] charts women’s fight for the vote through the lives of those who took part.” Dr. Atkinson’s tour promoting the book has included speaking on BBC’s Woman’s Hour and at the British Museum.

Dayna Mathew

Dayna Mathew, (IES Internships London | Loyola University of Chicago) 2017 Global Citizen of the Year Finalist

Dayna Mathew demonstrated her passion for social justice while interning abroad with Working Chance, a recruitment consultancy for women ex-offenders in London. While working for the organization, Dayna launched the MORE marketing campaign that encouraged women in their program to see themselves as more than a criminal. Dayna has remained dedicated to learning about the criminal justice system and aiding ex-offenders now that she has returned home. Learn more about Dayna and her internship with Working Chance.

Lucy Sternbach

Lucy Sternbach, (IES Abroad Granada | Yale University) 2017 Global Citizen of the Year Finalist

As a photographer and storyteller, Lucy Sternbach spent her semester abroad in Granada interviewing women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures in Spain and Morocco. Her culminating photo-essay project, Tangent, was showcased at Yale University and prompted her to continue sharing stories from women in her community through art and narrative. Learn more about Lucy and her photo-narrative project.

Marie Salem

Marie Salem, (IES Abroad Buenos Aires | University of California, Berkeley) 2017 Global Citizen of the Year Finalist

Marie Salem spent her semester abroad acting on her passion for public health by volunteering with Fundaciόn CONIN, a nutritional health non-profit serving low-income women and their children in Buenos Aires. We are impressed by Marie’s dedicated work with an under-served population, and by her inspiring humility to help in any way—including the simplest and smallest of tasks—that she can. Read about Marie and her volunteer work in Buenos Aires.

How will you use study abroad to #PressForProgress? We can’t wait to find out. Discover programs to 35+ locations around the world.

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