10 Study Abroad Instagram Photos from March & April 2019

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Our students are traveling the world and trying new things and our photos tagged with #IESabroad or @iesabroad on Instagram these past two months show just that. Check out our Top 10 study abroad Instagram photos from March & April 2019 to see why you should spring forward into study abroad!


1. Australia

Chase your dreams and ride the waves. That's exactly what @dania_khusayem is doing while studying abroad in Sydney! What better place to go surfing than the Land Down Under?

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2. Chile

When you study abroad in Santiago, you will see the world from a whole new perspective. In this case, @_papithomas's view is from very high up!

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3. Egypt

Getting through the middle of the week can be a little hard, but when you study abroad in Cape Town you can look forward to taking personal trips to places like the Egyptian Pyramids! It is easier to get through Wednesday when you are riding an actual camel, right @__keepingupwithkim__? 

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4. France

Who runs the world? That's up for debate, but our students studying abroad in Nice are running the Promenade des Anglais! Congratulations to @kenzieinnice and her peers for participating in the No Finish Line Nice event. 

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5. Italy

Did you actually study abroad in Italy if you didn't stuff your face with pizza, pasta, and bread? @elysesadler can confirm that the answer to that question is, "No." 

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6. Italy

@cam___clark is one of our IES Abroad Writing Correspondents and has done a great job of capturing what it is truly like to study abroad in Rome. Check out some of his blogs here!

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7. Japan

This might sound a little "cheesy," but when you study abroad in Tokyo you will make friends for life. @_11yuzuki24_ found a great group of people to enjoy pizza with abroad, and that's true friendship. 

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8. New Zealand

In honor of Earth Day, which took place on April 22nd, we want to take a moment to thank all of our students, like @tessmullen, who took the time to study abroad and explore the world to appreciate all that it offers us. 

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9. Africa

They say there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. @__keepingupwithkim__ was lucky enough to find the end of the rainbow and it was in Zimbabwe. When you study abroad in Cape Town, you will realize that life-changing experiences can be better than gold, and they can be found anywhere.

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10. Spain

If you are a foodie, you might want to consider studying abroad in Barcelona. From the wide range of tapas to huge dishes like paella (especially the one @beckgoesabroad had), Catalan cusine is full of deliciousness waiting to be tried!

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We want to see study abroad through your eyes! Hashtag your Instagram photos with #IESabroad to show us what you love about study abroad, and be sure to follow us @iesabroad.

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