The Latest from Germany

Oct 4 7:55am

Berlin from 679 ft, Fridays for the Future, and a brief German lesson

by Elena

From the top of the TV tower, 679 feet above Alexanderplatz, the IES Abroad Center is only discernible by the mural across the construction zone asking, “How Long is Now?” From there, your eyes can follow the wide street, Unter der Linden, all the way to the Brandenburg Gate.

Oct 2 12:25pm

Observations of Freiburg

by Madelaine

Learn a little about the sights of Freiburg—a farmer's market in front of a cathedral, the charming canals throughout the city, and the views of the Black Forest.

Sep 30 9:06pm

Revisiting History

by Elizabeth

Enjoy photos from our first European Union program trip to Berlin, Warsaw, and Paris.

Sep 30 9:04pm

Settling Into the Black Forest

by Elizabeth

Transitioning from an American lifestyle to a German one is not a seamless transition, but the welcoming atmosphere of the city of Freiburg makes all the difference. Take a look at my top ten favorite things about Freiburg since living here for a month.

Sep 26 6:27am

A Weekend in the Alps

by Zoe

Opening my eyes to see Alpen mountains surrounding me is an experience I won’t soon forget. Phoebe and I took an overnight bus to Innsbruck, Austria and got in a few minutes after 7 am on Friday morning. Our necks were sore, not much was open, but waking up in a town shadowed by the Nordkette Mountain was breathtaking.