The Latest from Germany

May 3 9:13pm

The Best Three Weeks Abroad

Post by Rachel Musetti

Today is my 47th day being back home in Pennsylvania after I was instructed to leave Germany due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I'm still taking classes every day with IES Abroad, and I even have a virtual tour of the Swiss Alps tomorrow morning. While this isn't how I imagined my semester going, I'm still grateful for the memories and friends I made abroad. 

Apr 8 7:52pm

I would do it all again.

Post by Kiara Paninos

Reflecting on my last few days in Germany and what it felt like to leave.

Mar 30 3:21pm

A Birthday and A Flight Home- a Bittersweet Auf Wiedersehen

Post by Sarah Ross

On Wednesday, March 11, I turned 21. I was so excited to turn 21 in Germany, even though the age is not as significant as in the United States. It still felt like reaching a milestone in a special way, and what better place to celebrate than Berlin?

Mar 20 5:29pm

Mastering Grocery Shopping

Post by Rachel Musetti

Grocery shopping in a foreign country can be intimidating. Everything looks different, things are located in unusual places, and the labels are in a language you don't yet understand. But don't worry, grocery shopping in Freiburg isn't as scary as it seems. Here's how I make grocery shopping simple.

Know what to look for BEFORE you get to the store!

Mar 20 7:18am

Getting Around Freiburg

Post by Rachel Musetti

In the United States, it's easy and convenient to call a cab or an uber to get to dinner with friends, but in Germany, an even better system exists. Public transportation is safe and reliable in Freiburg.