The Latest from Germany

Jan 11 2:48am

Reconciling With My Environmental Guilt

by Claire

I’ve been preparing to go abroad to Berlin for almost a year now in so many ways. From applying picking a program, internally to my college, to applying externally to my program it’s been and endless stream of choices and steps. More recently, decisions that I will be making when I am actually abroad have been much more present in my thoughts, primarily thoughts about my impact on the environment while traveling.

Jan 9 3:54pm

Several Weeks of Predeparture Limbo

by Kiara

I have a longer winter break than I am used to before my program in Freiburg, Germany begins, and I am trying to fill it with some productive learning. From studying the German Language to understanding my own emotions, there is no shortage of material!

Jan 9 1:13pm

From Six Travelers to One

by Julia

This past Christmas was no typical Christmas. Rather than waking up and opening presents with my beloved family, we slung our suitcases into the car and took a nine hour drive down to Miami where we hopped on our flight to Budapest. Since arriving in Europe on the 26th, I have traveled to Budapest, Vienna, Innsbruck, Munich, Palermo and Tunis.

Jan 8 2:33pm

Ready for Immersion

by Sarah

My program starts in February, which mostly means I am watching my friends go back to my home school, American University, in Washington, D.C., or embark on their own abroad adventures through text and social media. Messages of “Good luck!” or heart-eye reactions to pictures of new sights abound. I know it’s only a matter of time until I receive the same. 

Jan 7 2:46pm

Predeparture Prep: Spending Time with Loved Ones

by Rachel

It’s a week into the new year and I’m happily sitting at home with my dogs, looking out the window at the latest snowfall. Right now, everything is peaceful and simple, as I sit in the house I spent all twenty-one years of my life in. But, nothing lasts forever, and glancing over at the German dictionaries my mother got me for my birthday, I’m reminded that in a little over a month I’ll be leaving my familiar surroundings for the experience of a lifetime.