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Luna Beller-Tadiar

<p>Luna Beller-Tadiar is a rising Sophomore at Yale University with strong interests in critical race, class, gender and sexuality studies, subaltern forms of life, art, and language. She loves all forms of the arts (including the martial ones!), and is constantly sketching in restaurants and dancing along city streets. She believes in understanding everything intersectionally, and is excited for the classes she will be taking on Moroccan history and literature to inform her experience and observations both written and sketched of Rabat!</p>

2015 Summer 1
2015 Summer 2
Home University:
Yale University

Blogs by Luna Beller-Tadiar

fallback blogs
Luna Beller-Tadiar,

Senegal!? Oh, Senegal.

In which arrival means something, otherness is disrupted, group travel is weird, and we see some pictures of the trip.

fallback blogs
Luna Beller-Tadiar,

Comic #1: (Almost) In Morocco!

Journal Comic #1: In which we wonder about transnational queerness, everything is complicated, and no one is prepared.

(links to better quality images to come...