City all in Blue (Chefchaouen!)

Luna Beller-Tadiar
August 26, 2015


A tiny city all in blue! According to our tour guide, the signature blue that brightens every winding medina street actually comes from a Jewish tradition (your resident half-Jewish girl did not know this) – which makes sense, considering the town was the destination of a many Jewish and Muslim refugees from the Spanish reconquista in the late 15th century.

 The blue makes everything extra lovely (it’s also one of my favorite colors).

A little plaza (some signs are still in Spanish! Lo que me gusta):

Folks playing soccer in a stream that runs trhough the city. Not sure why there is a rug under the water, but hey - rugs are for all things, it seems.

And the textiles from this region are amazing.

The road to and from:

...I might just have to come back.

À la prochaine,


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