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Isabella Madruga

I am a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying Writing Seminars (a fancy way of saying creative writing) and Sociology. My main goal in life is to be an author, so when I'm not scrolling on TikTok, I'm writing stories, reading, and daydreaming.

2023 Fall
Home University:
Johns Hopkins University
Writing, Sociology

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An assortment of medicine in pill and capsule form on a desk.
Isabella Madruga,

Being Sick Abroad

Getting sick is the last thing anybody wants to do, much less abroad in a foreign country. Do not fret--Japan especially makes it easy.

A picture of redwoods from a groundseye view.
Isabella Madruga,

But First...Realization

Studying abroad is no joke. All the preparation involved is immense, but the very first step to going abroad is...realizing you're doing it in the first place...