Isabella Cammarata

<p>I love to write, and I have for as long as I can remember. Being by nature, listening to all genres of music, dancing, playing instruments, philosophy and film all interest me intensely. I love learning more than most other things, and I search for "off the beaten path" everything, when I go anywhere.</p>

Home University:
Marist College
Marshfield, MA
Communications, Marketing

Blogs by Isabella Cammarata

Isabella Cammarata,

Heat and Good Eats

It's one of the warmest days since I've arrived in Sydney, and I have no class...I'm going to the beach! First I want to grab a bite to eat, and I end up...

Isabella Cammarata,

An Extended Stay, A World Away

Mid-semester break was expected to look like a proper Instagram feed as I was headed toward Byron Bay, a trending surf and beach spot. However, I end up in the...

Isabella Cammarata,

Getting a Job Abroad

I talk about my experience getting a job abroad in non-English speaking countries as well as English speaking. Tips for getting a job in each type of place and...

Isabella Cammarata,

Season Swap

Apparently I have traded summer for winter as I arrive in Sydney, Australia in August. From joining a bboy hip hop group, to meeting my best friend in a...